There is actually a couple of books, a website and a Yahoo Group “Stop the Thyroid Madness”, but for this post I am stealing their headline.

I have been taking Natural Thyroid medication* for many years but over the last few things got wonky.  Finding a doctor that actually has done their research and really knows about what anyone that has thyroid problems has to live with is truly a study in “banging your head against a brick wall”.

I had asked that last couple of doctors I had seen to test for Hashimoto’s and was told, “Oh, you don’t need to do that”..HA!

Well, the current doctor I am seeing, on my first visit mind you, after looking at the last 2 years blood test results (of which I always had to TELL the other doctors what test to run otherwise they were just wasting my time and blood) said, “Man you keep going hypo to hyper back to hypo..has anyone tested for Hashimoto’s?”

Well is turns out I do have Hashimoto’s and have probably been fighting it for a long time.  Now, what to do about it.

It is possible to overcome this and bring things back into a semblance of balance.  The first thing I did was cut out gluten, big difference after just one week, and it really wasn’t that hard.  Next went the dairy, not too bad.  But sugar?  I don’t consume much, I cook from scratch, but OMG…I like my evening wine or Rum & Coke.  So this is going to take me a bit to ease into.  I have for quite a while now, only tried to use the Kroger Real Sugar (rather than Corn syrup cola).  Talked to myself that if I would switch to Tequila Sunrise instead of Rum & Cola, then ease out of that things may work out.  I will admit I haven’t totally done that yet.  Did make a Tequila Sunrise one evening but used too much tequila, so it was not a great success, BUT the glass of wine I tried the other night about killed me the next day so I have (more easily) given up on that.

Funny how once you do good and start feeling better it makes cutting the things out that were making you feel bad easy.

I have also started a new hobby: Fermenting and Gluten-free Sourdough.

I had an abundance of radishes in the garden and the Farmers Market doesn’t start for a couple more weeks yet, so I got out my trusty Salad Shooter and shredded the radishes, put them in a jar with Himalayan salt, and a teaspoon of dill.  WAALAA!  Fermented radishes! They are great and then I also shredded carrot with ginger, Himalayan salt and water – Fantastic!

Even though it is the end of May, we have been having the coldest, wettest, SNOWIEST spring so the sourdough was having a tough time.  Last night I set it in my oven which is propane and has a pilot light going all the time.  That solved it.  This morning the sourdough starter was finally bubbly!  So just mixed it in with some gluten-free flour mix and water to let rest overnight.  We will see how my bread turns out tomorrow.

Anyway after two weeks of eating gluten-free and having about an ounce a day of fermented vegetables, my digestion is feeling sooo much better. i have also started taking a good multivitamin/mineral and the current doctor put me on weekly B12 shots and a once a week megadose of Vitamin D…(I am usually outside most of the time by now but it has been cloudy almost all month).  Feel like the weight I gained last December is finally starting to shift.  HALLELUJAH!

On a side note, I ate white potatoes a couple nights ago and an hour later felt horrible….no more of those for a while.  Anyway if you are feeling bad, tired all the time, your hair is falling out, your weight is yukky, your skin is yukky…follow me and I will let you know how my new experiments work to finding a new me.  (BTW, since I am working on a new me, I decided to cut my hair all off.  I don’t necessarily recommend that move)

Catch you later,



If you have been given Synthroid for thyroid problems, I am so sorry for you, check out “Stop the Thyroid Maddness” for more info about why this won’t work.


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While looking for some images for this post I ran across some very interesting articles.  Interesting, meaning these are some of my symptoms and even I didn’t think about them in relation to my thyroid…

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