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Life Wave

If you know anyone like me, running out of steam, and doesn’t like to use drugs, give them this website. Now 8 years later there are a total of 7 patches. Sleep, Anti-Aging (3 of them) Pain, (my favorite), Appetite and the new X39 Stem Cell. So if you know anyone like me, in pain, or is tired all the time and doesn’t want to do drugs or procedures, give them this site.

Here is some research on the different patches:

IceWave and Glutathione

IceWave Clinical

In 2013, one of the leading pain management experts in France (Dr. Pierre Volckmann), conducted a double-blind placebo controlled study in five French hospitals. A staggering 94 percent of the 100 study participants experienced pain relief within minutes of use. According to Dr. Volckmann: “The safety and efficacy results obtained in this study show that IceWave patches could be a very interesting approach to pain control, without any secondary effects, allowing immediate and durable pain improvement.”  Full report:

Y-Age Carnosine Study Results 
This double blind, placebo-controlled study shows that the Y-Age Carnosine patch significantly increases flexibility, balance, strength and endurance in healthy humans. These increases range as high as 125 percent for strength and endurance, nearly 30 percent for flexibility, and 100 percent for balance. Further, it’s likely that this patch produces greater or sustained effects when worn for longer periods. These results also demonstrate that this patch considerably decreases the lactate threshold and heart rate at lactate threshold, improving endurance in athletic performance. Importantly, no test subjects experienced adverse effects wearing the Y-Age Carnosine patch.

Read the full report.


Maelle Beauty

We believe you deserve more. Modern beauty isn’t just about taking what a brand is willing to give you. It’s about establishing a real connection—to the mission, the products and the humans behind the brand. It’s about getting just what you want from people you trust. This should never be a “one size fits all” endeavor. Our mission is to meet you wherever you are in your beauty routine, so you can learn, engage, and shop on your own terms.

We’re all about creating a better beauty experience—access to high-quality, clean, cruelty-free makeup and skincare exclusively from people you already follow. Don’t just take our word for it. Real brand love isn’t born out of unknown “five star” reviewers on a website. It is built over time with the help of genuine beauty lovers who test, use and love our products.

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Light Stream Wand

The World’s Most Advanced Rife Machine!

It has been used to bring cancer tumor markers down by 900%!  Light stream therapists have also used it for  lyme disease, back and joint pain, as well as a long list of other serious diseases.

Light Stream Mantra Coil