You love to do things outside; hiking, gardening, playing with your kids and grand kids.

You just moved to Colorado (or Wyoming).

You are young or old, rich or poor.  It doesn’t matter.  You have to take care of your skin.

Let me explain.

I was one of the “blessed”, I looked so much younger than I really was when I was young, so they told me I would not age as fast as others. WRONG! I am a 5th generation Colorado Native (yeah, I know there aren’t many of us left). I spent sooo much time outside, playing, sunbathing, gardening, baseball, soccer, and football games and just enjoying the evenings on the porch.

But during all this time and all the years that went by the warm Colorado sun and the dry climate was reeking havoc on my skin. AND I have ALWAYS used what I thought were good skincare products and still the wrinkles and sunspots gradually crept in.

One time I had just bought a new skincare line and we moved to Louisiana for a year to take care of my mother-in-law.  I thought it was the BEST skincare ever, my skin felt so good and was DEWY!  Ha, fooled me, it was the humidity in the area.  As soon as I was back in Colorado the moisture was sucked right back out.

Now years later I am so glad that I did try to use good products, but I have FINALLY found the ONE!  After just a week of using this line from Bellame, I could visibly see my wrinkles smoothing out and some dewy pretty skin start to come back.  Sunspots are fading after just a few weeks.

I see all you 30 somethings that have just moved to Colorado.  Your foreheads are starting to show those little lines, your eyes are getting the little creases around the edges…Trust me, start taking care of it now so you will not regret it later.  I can’t recommend the new line from Bellame more, heck get a hold of me and I’ll even send you a sample. or better yet just follow this link👉  Bellame and get on it now.