A FB friend just asked me how our product is different from another social selling brand. You know me, and I truly don’t think it is about how we compare within our industry we truly are unique across all selling channels.

“Truly, they are two very different lines. It is probably easiest to highlight the uniqueness of The ACQUA LUMIERE line…

Our line is made in a pharmaceutical lab. It is formulated with the highest clinical grade ingredients including a patented ingredient that addresses inflammation , one of the leading signs of aging. In addition, we use a patented delivery system that allows the product to penetrate the skin to the optimal depth, so that it can deliver exactly what you need when you need it, it releases over time. This patent was actually created for anesthesia and is used in some very high-end lines that are available only in doctors offices. We have the exclusive rights to use both patents in social selling for 3 years.

The formula adjusts to your own skin needs. You can literally feel a difference in how your skin absorbs the product from week to week.

Our product is also modeled after European guidelines, meaning we are free of harmful ingredients, fillers, and chemicals.

The packaging is unlike anything on the market, you truly have to feel it to believe it. A perfect match for the formula that’s within the bottle.

Our cleanser is also the total trifecta. Not only does it cleanse, it is a make up remover, and can be used as a hydrating mask.

Those are just a few highlights, But we believe what makes our brand stand out across not just our industry but all selling channels is it is uber luxurious, ridiculously pampering, and it provides real results.

We also offer a 60 day moneyback guarantee.

Check out the link below to see details on the ingredients as well as hear from the chemist on the patented ingredient and delivery system.