Stop the Thyroid Madness!

There is actually a couple of books, a website and a Yahoo Group “Stop the Thyroid Madness”, but for this post I am stealing their headline. I have been taking Natural Thyroid medication* for many years but over the last… Continue Reading →

Take the Bellame Sharpie Challenge

How amazing is this cleanser! Ready to try it out?  You can order samples here  If you are ready to dive in and want to order full size products with a 45 day money back guarantee or join my tribe,… Continue Reading →

Are your problems caused by Hypothyroid?

Hypothyroidism Symptoms Hypothyroidism is most well known for its relationship to your metabolism and oftentimes weight gain or the inability to lose weight. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when you begin to look at the multitude of… Continue Reading →

Hypothyroidism and Cholesterol – What You Don’t Know CAN Kill You!

The topic of cholesterol is one that has been near and dear to my heart for more than a decade now. I have a family history of high cholesterol and heart disease and when I was younger and didn’t know… Continue Reading →

Why I am so Excited!

I just watched a webinar about the new phototherapy stem-cell enhancing patch that is going to be officially launched in January 2019.  Code-named X39, this third generation phototherapy patch stimulates a peptide that is known for activating stem cells. The… Continue Reading →

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